We use color as our “voice” to communicate our feelings, ranging from a soft whisper to a loud shout.

Our Artists’ favorite artworks and their thoughts


“The earth is art, the photographer is only a witness ”. Photography is an art of frozen time, for me; it’s the ability to store emotion, feelings and the beauty of the nature within a frame. I specialize in images that hold you captive those very rare and fleeting moments in time that make you feel alive.

Oil Paintings

Abstract art work in oil paint is all the things I love about painting. It’s emotion, feeling, color, shapes and intution. Doing my best to embrance the good in the bad and the light in the dark. I create what makes my heart dance and my soul sing.

Mixed Art

I use art as a self reminder to appreciate life and all of its glory. I have eclectic taste and I love to collect all the ingredients. I use my self-expression method and create a magic of art as I enjoy life every day. I find beauty in the natural process of how things evolve, especially through imperfections and uniqueness.

Acrylic Painting

Bringing in deep colors of Mediterranean to life is my passion and nature is what inspires me. That’s what I’m constantly looking to conver in my artworks. I find peace both through the ocean and through the mountains. The sails of hope and the winds of passion guide me.