The present value of an annuity table provides a “shortcut” for calculating the future value of a steady stream of payments, denoted as A The same value can be calculated directly from the following

annuity tables

If you don’t have access to an electronic financial calculator or software, an easy way to calculate present value amounts is to use present value tables. You can view a present value of an ordinary annuity table by clicking PVOA Table. We will use present value tables throughout our explanation. The key feature of an annuity is that it is a contract between you and an insurance company. The insurance company agrees to make regular payments to you, and you agree to pay the company a lump sum of money upfront, called the premium. The present value of an annuity is an important concept for both individuals and businesses.

  • An annuity table is a tool that simplifies the calculation of the present value of an annuity.
  • The loan is a ten-year note, so we need to figure out what the present value of a $150,000 lump sum is ten years from now.
  • When you think of annuities, what comes to mind?
  • The interest rate is the most important factor in determining the size of the premium.
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Annuities can be used for a variety of purposes, including retirement planning, income replacement, and estate planning. By using the time value of money concept and a few easy calculations, you’ll be able to conceptually pull back all those future payments to understand what they’re worth now. Using basic information about your annuity, an annuity table can help you find out the present value of your annuity. Make sure you’re using the right table for the type of annuity you have. Lottery winners, for instance, often have to make a decision about whether to take a lump sum payment or take their money in the form of an annuity.

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Using the present value of annuity table table, you can see what the present value of the annuity is. If it is less than the lump sum offered, taking the lump sum and investing it is probably the better option. An annuity table typically has the number of payments on the y-axis and the discount rate on the x-axis. Find both of them for your annuity on the table, and then find the cell where they intersect. Multiply the number in that cell by the amount of money you get each period.

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How to Calculate Your Annuity Payments.

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The first column refers to the number of recurring identical in an annuity. The other columns contain the factors for the interest rate specified in the column heading. The point where a particular interest rate intersects a particular number of payments is the annuity’s PVOA factor.

Discount Rate

An annuity table calculates the present value of an annuity using a formula that applies a discount rate to future payments. An annuity table is a tool for determining the present value of an annuity or other structured series of payments. A present value annuity table allows you to estimate the present value of an annuity quickly. Present value refers to the current value of future payments from an annuity with a specified rate of return.

  • For example, if you could only earn a 3% interest rate, the present value would be $853.02.
  • Should the company purchase the wood lathe?
  • Time value of money is the concept that a dollar received at a future date is worth less than if the same amount is received today.
  • They are always earning money in the form of interest making cash a costly commodity.
  • A table is used to find the present value per dollar of cash flows based on the number of periods and rate per period.
  • We will use present value tables throughout our explanation.

Debtors have to pay an interest rate to creditors in order to borrow funds. Likewise, creditors’ funds are never idle. They are always earning money in the form of interest making cash a costly commodity.

Rate Table For the Present Value of an Annuity Due of 1

The terms of your contract state that you will hold the annuity for 7 years at a guaranteed effective interest rate of 3.25 percent. You’ve owned the annuity for five years and now have two annual payments left. You can find the exact present value of your remaining payments by using Excel. Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, and Payback Period Analyses; Ethical Issues.


As can be seen from the PVOA annuity table, the present value of an annuity decreases as the interest rate increases. This is because the higher the interest rate, the higher the discount rate, and the lower the present value of the annuity. The most common type of annuity is the retirement annuity, which is used to provide income during retirement. Retirement annuities are usually complex annuities, as they often have provisions that allow for payments to be made for a certain number of years, or until the death of the annuitant. The amount of money you want to receive each month is also a factor, but it is not as important as the interest rate and the length of the payment period. The payments can be made for a fixed term or for an indefinite period of time. Most investors are familiar with the concept of compound interest.


Textile Services, Inc., plans to invest $80,000 in a new machine. Annual cash inflows from this investment will be $25,000, and annual cash outflows will be $5,000. Determine the payback period for this investment. The present value annuity factor is used to calculate the present value of future one dollar cash flows. The initial payment earns interest at the periodic rate over a number of payment periods .

Unlike a perpetuity, an annuity also comes with a pre-determined maturity date, which marks the date when the final interest payment is received. For help with annuities, hire a financial advisor to make sure you’re taking the right steps for your retirement. SmartAsset’s free tool matches you with up to three financial advisors who serve your area, and you can interview your advisor matches at no cost to decide which one is right for you. If you’re ready to find an advisor who can help you achieve your financial goals, get started now. Different types of annuities will have different tables.

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